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When Rabbi Avraham Dovid Rosenblatt left Galicia, Poland and traveled to Galveston, Texas in the summer of 1910 to serve as shochet of the community, he brought with him a tradition of impeccable Kashruth and a vision of producing the high quality meats at affordable prices.

Today in its third generation, the Rosenblatt Meats family of products has grown to offer a full line of beef and lamb products that are affordably priced and carry irresistible flavor and wonderful tenderness. We offer kosher supervision lines including the OU (Orthodox Union), Star-K, CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council), and CRC New York (Hisachdus HaRabbonim).

We offer product that is Chassidishe Shechita, Yeshivishe Shechita, or Chabad Shechita, always respecting the varied sensitivities of our clients. At A.D. Rosenblatt, the customer is the focus and the expedited delivery of fresh Glatt Kosher meat is our highest priority. Try us today.

yaakov rosenblatt, coo

Cell (469) 682-3282

Fax (469) 666-9297

robert feinberg, cfo

Cell (214) 533-3324

Fax (469) 666-9297

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